Real-time control of your pension scheme

LCP Visualise combines our pensions consultancy with intuitive technology and real-time facts and figures. We invite you to see the benefits.

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Real-time analytics showing you what you need, when you need it

Real-time scenario tests so you can make quicker and better decisions on funding and investment

Allows you to get to grips with risk metrics and the impact of changing your investment strategy

See progress of the recovery plan, and what action you can take to keep on track

Monitor and project the corporate balance sheet and income statement position

Monitor your journey plan and switching triggers, to ensure investment opportunities are seized


Instantly understand how the scheme cashflows develop over time

Identify when to approach the market, based on a range of indicative insurer pricing

See in real-time the risk and return of key asset classes


Flexibility to print information at any date and generate PDFs to streamline your reporting

Pensioner Buy-in insurer pricing tracker

The insurer pricing tracker in LCP Visualise helps you to decide with confidence when to approach the buy-in market. It does this by generating a range of potential pension buy-in prices for a defined benefit scheme, using detailed assumptions provided by the insurers themselves.

This functionality brings all the benefits of LCP Visualise and combines this with insight and expertise from LCP's award-winning specialist Buy-in and Buy-out Practice.

Find out more about LCP buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps




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LCP Visualise combines our consulting approach with intuitive technology and real-time facts and figures. We invite you to see the benefits.

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